11 Best Crackers for Charcuterie Boards

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Looking for the best crackers for charcuterie boards? This post shares insider tips for picking the perfect crackers to pair with cheeses and meats, along with advice for arranging them beautifully on your platter.

As someone who loves hosting wine nights around a tasty charcuterie spread, I’m always looking to take my boards to the next level. The key component that can make or break your presentation? The crackers. I’ve spent countless hours sourcing, tasting, and arranging crackers to determine which varieties best complement the flavors and textures of different cured meats and cheeses.

Get ready to discover my picks for crispy, flavorful crackers that not only taste great, but also provide visual interest. I’ll explain how to expertly pair crackers with specific types of cheeses and meats for perfect harmony. You’ll get my tips for creatively arranging crackers for stunning boards, along with where to find unique artisanal varieties beyond your average grocery store crackers. If you want to elevate your charcuterie presentations, you’ll find plenty of hand-picked recommendations here to make your next spread truly outstanding and Insta-worthy. Let’s get started!

What Makes a Good Charcuterie Cracker?

When selecting crackers for your board, keep these criteria in mind:

Texture – Look for crackers with a bit of crispness and crunch. They should be sturdy enough to scoop up cheese and toppings without crumbling to pieces. Avoid crackers that are too crispy or too hard, which can be difficult to bite or chew.

Flavor – The crackers should complement, not overwhelm, the other items on your board. Opt for neutral or mildly flavored crackers that won’t compete too much with the cheeses and meats. However, herbs, spices, and seeds can add nice subtle notes.

Shape and Size – Crackers in unique shapes or cuts can make for an eye-catching presentation. Varied sizes also add visual interest. Avoid single uniform squares if going for a dynamic arrangement.

Pairing Ability – Choose crackers that will work well with multiple cheeses and cured meats. The best crackers pair well with lighter meats like prosciutto as well as bolder cheeses like aged cheddar or gouda.

The Best Crackers for Charcuterie Boards

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With those tips in mind, here are my top cracker recommendations for charcuterie trays:

1. Chewy Crispbreads

These Scandinavian rye crackers have a chewy, crispy texture that pairs perfectly with both soft and hard cheeses. The hint of sourdough gives them a nice tang. Popular flavors include sea salt, rosemary, thyme, and whole grain. Sturdy yet not too crunchy.

2. Baked Woven Wheats

Artisanal woven wheat crackers add a delightful rustic touch to any charcuterie layout. I like the olive oil and roasted garlic flavor, which has a wonderfully rich aroma and taste. Other varieties like black pepper or rosemary would also be excellent choices here.

3. Pretzel Crisps

For a bread-like cracker with a touch of satisfying crunch, you can’t go wrong with Pretzel Crisps. They are available in a wide array of flavors and coatings, but I recommend the Everything or Sesame ones. They go great with salami and many semi-soft cheeses.

4. Mini Toasts

In lieu of traditional crackers, consider miniature toasts which lend a crunchy elegance to your spread. Opt for flavors like tomato basil or olive oil which will complement a range of ingredients. Cut into bite-sized pieces and arrange artfully on your board.

5. Seeded Water Crackers

These crispy, flaky crackers have the perfect hint of saltiness and just the right amount of crunch. Varieties embedded with seeds like poppy, sesame, or fennel add even more texture and taste. They can stand up to nearly any cheese or cured meat.

6. Vegetable Crackers

Crackers made with vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, and beets lend delightful color along with unique flavors. Brands like Sensible Portions and Trader Joe’s offer these seasonal vegetable crackers.

7. Multigrain Crackers

For nuttiness and texture, look for crackers baked with a blend of whole grains like quinoa, millet, amaranth, and sorghum. Companies like Back to Nature and Finn Crisp make quality multigrain crackers.

8. Gluten-Free Crackers

Made from seeds, nuts, and rice flours, these crackers are perfect for gluten-free diets. Schar and Blue Diamond both offer great gluten-free seeded crackers.

9. Honey Crackers

The touch of sweetness from honey perfectly complements cured meats and bold cheeses. Splurge on gourmet honey crackers from brands like Golden Valley.

10. Lavash Crackers

Large, thin lavash or flatbread crackers have a sturdy bite for scooping up spreads and toppings. Find popular brands like Stacy’s in the deli section.

11. Oyster Crackers

These small round buttery crackers are a classic accompaniment for smoked salmon and other seafood. Look for them in the snack aisle.

Arranging Crackers for an Eye-Catching Board


Once you’ve chosen your crackers, it’s time for the fun presentation! Aim for visual variety and harmony as you arrange the components. Here are some tips:

  • Intersperse crackers throughout the board, not just around the edges. Mix them in creatively with the meats, cheeses, fruits, and spreads.
  • Vary the orientation by standing some crackers upright in a small bowl or basket for height.
  • Layer circular or flower-shaped crackers under cheese wedges for a dynamic look.
  • Use cracker packages or burlap to create separate cracker “stations” on a large board.
  • Incorporate height with cracker boxes, risers, or towers stacked with different varieties.
  • Play with shapes and patterns for visual interest.

Pairing Crackers with Other Charcuterie Elements


Now for the fun part – pairing your crackers with cheeses, meats, fruits, spreads, and more. Follow these simple guidelines:

  • Hard cheeses (aged cheddar, parmesan): Choose crackers with a sturdy crispness like seeded water crackers or crispbreads.
  • Soft cheeses (brie, goat cheese): Pair with thin, delicate crackers like toasted flatbreads or pretzel crisps which won’t overwhelm the subtle flavor.
  • Strong blue cheeses (gorgonzola, Roquefort): Complement the boldness with crispy Crackers that have spices, seeds, or sweet fruits.
  • Salami/sausage: Opt for sturdy mini toasts or pretzel crisps which can stand up to the dense, rich meats.
  • Prosciutto or Serrano ham: Go for light, wafer-thin crackers that won’t distract from the delicate ham.
  • Fruits and nuts: Pick neutral crackers like plain woven wheats or water crackers to let the fresh flavors shine.
  • Spreads: Choose crackers with interesting shapes like crispbreads that have grooves to hold the dips or preserves.

Where to Find Quality Crackers for Charcuterie

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You can find all of my recommended crackers for charcuterie at mainstream grocery stores, markets, and big box stores. Here are some specific products and where to find them:

Chewy Crispbreads – Available at Trader Joe’s in flavors like Roasted Onion and Pumpernickel. Also find brands like Wasa and Ryvita at specialty markets.

Baked Woven Wheats – Carr’s brand is the best known. Find flavors like Olive Oil & Rosemary and Table Water Crackers at major stores like Walmart, Target, Kroger, and Safeway.

Pretzel Crisps – Sold at Walmart in Original, Garlic Parmesan, and Buffalo Wing flavors. Publix offers Jalapeño Jack and Supreme varieties. Widely available at Costco.

Mini Toasts – Brands like 34° Crisps in Tomato Basil and Olive Oil are at Whole Foods. Some Sprouts locations carry Sundried Tomato mini toasts from Flipsides.

Seeded Crackers – Carr’s Table Water Crackers, especially the Everything and Sesame Seed flavors, are available at Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, and more.

Vegetable Crackers – Sensible Portions Garden Veggie crackers are sold at Target and Walgreens. Trader Joe’s has carrot and beet crackers available seasonally.

Multigrain Crackers – Back to Nature crackers in flavors like Harvest Wheat and Roasted Vegetable can be found at Kroger, Safeway, Whole Foods, and Stop & Shop.

Gluten-Free Crackers – Schar and Blue Diamond gluten-free crackers are at Whole Foods, Ralphs, Safeway, and health food stores.

Honey Crackers – Specialty stores like Whole Foods carry Golden Valley brand honey crackers in flavors like Lavender and Acacia.

Lavash Crackers – Stacy’s lavash chips can be found at Kroger, Target, and mainstream grocery store deli sections.

Oyster Crackers – Widely available in the snack aisle of grocery stores like Stop & Shop, Albertsons, and Lowes Foods.

Frequently Asked Questions

pizza on brown wooden table

What are the best crackers for charcuterie?

Some top options include crispbreads, woven wheat crackers, pretzel crisps, mini toasts, and seeded water crackers. Look for varieties that provide crunch without crumbling.

How many types of crackers should I include?

Aim for 3-5 cracker varieties to provide an array of flavors, shapes, and textures. Too many can become visually overwhelming.

Should I provide a separate platter just for crackers?

It’s better to artfully integrate crackers throughout the entire charcuterie board rather than isolating them.

What’s the best way to arrange the crackers?

Mix up the orientation – flat, standing in a bowl, stacked – and intersperse them creatively with other ingredients for height and flair.

How can I match crackers with specific ingredients?

Lighter, delicate crackers pair best with soft cheeses and thin sliced meats. Sturdier crackers complement bold cheeses and salami.

Where can I find unique artisanal crackers?

Check specialty cheese and deli sections at grocery stores. Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Cost Plus World Market also have great selections.

How far in advance can I prepare charcuterie crackers?

For maximum freshness and crispness, arrange your crackers on the board just 1-2 hours before serving time. Store them airtight until ready.


A charcuterie board is all about artful presentation and complementary flavors. With the right crackers serving as your base, the options for creating a visually stunning and tasty platter are endless. Try mixing diverse textures, shapes, and flavors for maximum impact. Arrange your crackers thoughtfully amongst the meats, cheeses, fruits, and other additions. Vary height and orientation for visual dynamism. Most importantly, choose quality crackers that have just the right amount of crispness without overpowering. With these tips and recommendations, you can be confident your crackers will provide the perfect foundation for a mouthwatering charcuterie spread.